The most important facts and figures about the dwarf planet Pluto

Profile: Pluto

planet typegas Planet
Number of moons5
Distance to the sunabout 6,900,000,000 km
Orbital period around the sun248 years
Transit Timeabout 6 hours
Distance to earthabout 6,900,000,000 km
planetary ringsno
neighboring planetNeptune
scope7,232 km
diameter2,368 km
radius1,184 km
total areaabout 16,500,000 km²
Dimensions1.25 · 10 ^ 22 kg
Mass (i.V. to earth)0.002
volume6.39 · 10 ^ 9 km3
Volume (i.V. to the earth)0.005
Olderabout 4.5 billion years
axis tilt122,53°
rotation speed?
direction of rotationdeclining
web speed4.72 km / s
gravitation0.58 m / s²
Duration of Day (sidereal day)about 153 hours
Temperatures at the surface-240 ° C to -210 ° C
Average surface temperature:-240 ° C
Temperature in the coreunknown
Spährische albedo0,5
Geometric albedo0,6
the atmosphereNitrogen, carbon monoxide
Most common elementsWater, methane