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Chihuahua - Wanted poster

Chihuahua - Wanted poster

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Surname: Chihuahua
Alternative names: /
Original origin: Mexico
FCI group: Society and assistance dogs
size: up to 20cm
size: up to 20cm
Mass () : 1 - 3kg
Mass () : 1 - 3kg
Life expectancy: 8 - 16 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 2 - 4
coat color: dependent on breeding
coat type: soft, dense
coat length: Shorthair or long hair possible
Character / essence: courageous, lively, approachable, sensitive
attitude: relatively undemanding

Chihuahua - introduction information

Of the Chihuahua is considered as the smallest dog breed in the world and for several decades as a very popular companion dog of city dwellers who falsely earned him the reputation of a fashionable accessory. The origin of this very small, but quite intelligent and strong-minded dog is associated with the north of Mexico Chihuahua province, where he was primarily bred by people of the Toltec warriors from the 8th century AD as a sacrificial animal. Around the middle of the 19th century, wild, partially Indian-domesticated and sold Chihuahuas arrived with tourists as souvenirs in the United States, where they were bred. As a separate breed, they were registered for the first time in breeding books at the beginning of the last century.
The Chihuahua reached depending on the breeding only a shoulder height of a maximum of twenty centimeters and a body weight of up to three kilograms. Striking are his apple head with the protruding button eyes, the backside bent tail and the in relation to the rest of the body huge, reminiscent of the wings of bats ears, which protrude strongly from the head. He is of compact and well-proportioned physique and has slim yet muscular legs. The coat may be smooth or wavy, long or short depending on the breed, and appear in many different colors. In addition to black and white, many shades of brown, red and cream as well as monochrome and pied variants are permitted. Long-haired chihuahuas are created by crossbreeding with papillons and have a bushy tail and ears as well as dense hairy legs that give them the look of trousers.
This handy miniature dog is treated by some inexperienced dog owners like a stuffed animal because of its small size and carried around in handbags. However, this does not do justice to the nature of Chihuahua, as it requires at least two hours of exercise per day. Although he is quite suitable for the attitude in a city apartment, long walks in the wild or at least in parks should be part of the daily program. Without spillage, the Chihuahua tends to become an unbalanced and aggressive slapper or develop other behavioral disorders. However, the Chihuahua is an ideal companion dog, which is not only very affectionate, calm, loyal and playful, but also possesses a strong guarding instinct. Although he is by nature for the attitude as a family dog ​​quite suitable, is in coexistence with young children caution, as they are not very good with the small size because of the size sensitive dog.