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What is / is a frutarian? Definition:

Frutarismus (English fruit + vegetarian = "fruit vegetarian") is a result of the vegetarianism diet style, in which fruits form the basis of nutrition. Unlike vegetarians, do without Frutarian - In addition to meat - in addition to plants that take damage at harvest and die. Vegetable plants such as e.g. Mullets, broccoli or radishes are therefore excluded as food for the frutarians.
Main foods are Frьchte: apple, pear, banana, kiwi, mango, melon, coconut, orange or lemon. Even after the fruit has been picked from the tree or shrub, the plant lives on undamaged. But there are also different forms among the Frutarians. For example, some Frutarians only eat fruit that has already fallen from the tree.
The biggest problem with an almost exclusive diet with fruits is the risk of Mangelernдhrung, Fruits contain no proteins, only very little iron and no vitamin B12. Frutarism is therefore not suitable for children and pregnant women.