Fats (lipids)


fats, or too lipids (Greek lipos = fat) are in addition to carbohydrates and proteins one of the three macronutrients. From a chemical point of view, fats belong to the substance group of esters and consist of fatty acids and glycerol. Upon contact with water, lipids behave hydrophobically, i. they are not water-soluble.
With a condensing At 9 kcal per g, fat more than doubles the energy density of carbohydrates and proteins. Once the body gets more carbohydrates than it can consume, the carbohydrates are converted to fat and stored. With energy demand, the body can also make this process back again. So fat is the most important energy storage.
Fat is also a gentleman Kдlte insulator, Due to warm clothing, this function probably comes to mind last. However, the body fat shields the internal organs to the outside. The risk of life-threatening and mechanical influences is thus minimized.
Finally, lipids also play an important role at the cytological level: the cell membrane of each cell consists of one Lipid bilayer, The membrane prevents the discharge of the cytoplasm into the extracellular space, which is more fatal to the cell.

Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids

Whether a fatty acid is saturated or unsaturated, has nothing to do with the actual 'being full'. The reason is chemical: saturated fatty acids do not have any between their carbon atoms (C) double bondsBy contrast, unsaturated fatty acids already. The latter are predominantly of plant origin and much healthier than their counterpart. Saturated fatty acids come in animal fats and can raise cholesterol levels. The opposite is true with the unsaturated fatty acids: they lower the cholesterol level.

High fat foods

Many foods contain large amounts of fat, without it you would suspect. These include e.g. Meat, nuts, sausages, cheese, croissants, chocolate and ready meals. Since fat is a good taste carrier, many products take advantage of this property. In contrast, you will find natural vegetable-based fats u.a. in olive oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, coconut oil and flax oil.